Welcome to Victoria Agribusiness Ltd

Victoria Agribusiness Limited is n Agritech company whose main objective is to transform smallholder agriculture.

We  empower smallholder farmers with quality agricultural inputs, train them on the best agricultural practices and link them to premium markets. This helps them to improve their yields and incomes leading to improved livelihoods for their families.


Most frequent questions and answers

Victoria Agribusiness is a for profit social enterprise working with smallholder farmers in Western Kenya providing them with inputs( Fertilizers, hybrid seeds, appropriate pesticides),farm mechanization and trainings on credit and purchase produce at harvest for resale to urban markets.

It is a registered private limited company incorporated in Kenya.

We work with smallholder farmers providing them with inputs , farm mechanization and trainings on credit and link them to high value premium markets. 

So far we are working on fresh produce including melons, indigenous vegetables, capsicum, pawpaw, tomatoes etc. We are soon considering other high value crops including Rice, White sorghum, green grams, Soya beans and sunflower.

Because of Victoria Agribusiness work farmers expect higher yields and incomes from their farms. This contributes to improved livelihoods.

We place great emphasis on partnerships. We collaborate with stakeholders to address food security, poverty reduction, market development and economic growth.


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